Strengthen Your Technical Foundations with a Bachelor’s Degree in Cyber Security

According to Lloyd Banking Group, the estimated cost of global cyber attacks per year is $400 billion. For the same reason, information protection is the top concern for consumers, government officials, and business leaders. However, in the U.S., over 209,000 vacancies of cyber security jobs are vacant, which explains why approximately 50 percent of adults in the U.S. are exposed to cyber attacks every year. It draws attention on the necessary forces to prevent potential threats of digital crime and required academic institutions to prepare the candidates who would battle cyber attacks.

Schools that offer an online bachelor’s degree in cyber security play a significant role in preparing students to detect, investigate, use, and fuse technologies to combat the newer threat emerging on a regular basis in the cyber world. The cyber security profession is an attractive field for those who want to earn big and experience challenges.

How to go about it

First, you will need to pursue an online information technology bachelor’s degree program with a concentration in cyber security. Some schools demand onsite internships so students can gain first-hand experience. For specific specializations in this field, browse Maryville’s degree in cyber security program online that offers sub-fields, such as cyber crime investigations, forensics, and information assurance. Coursework is mainly comprised of these along with C++ programming, mathematics, applications of information technology, etc.

Present and Future of Cyber Security

There has been a hike in security analyst positions who facilitate the surveillance, detection, and protection of computer networks and systems. It is for this reason that by 2022, The Bureau of Labor Statistics has expected an increase in Information Security Analyst jobs by 37 percent.

Students pursuing an online degree in cyber security may want to consider acquiring the following positions:

-Computer Network Security Administrator

-Computing, Networking, and Cyber Security Consultant

-Information Technology Auditor

-Information Security Manager

-Information Security Specialist

-Information Assurance Engineer

With countless job options for cyber security degree holders, the future looks bright with salaries at $150,000 on average.

One could also associate with groups like Information Systems Audit and Control Association or Information Systems Security Association that enable you to enhance your networking and software development skills with numerous opportunities.

Who is looking for you and where

-Manufacturing and Defense Services

-Insurance Industries

-Finance Industries

-Federal Agencies, such as The Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and the FBI

According to Burning Glass Report, cyber security professionals are sought after in Washington, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, San Jose, and Dallas.