Book review

New book looks back on Expo 67

As Canadians get set to celebrate the country’s 150th birthday, Victoria, BC author Tom Hawthorn invites them to look back to 1967 – the year of Canada’s centennial, in his new book The Year Canadians Lost Their Minds and Found Their Country.

The Canada of 1968 was a profoundly different place than the Canada of 1966,” says Mr. Hawthorn in the preface. “The year in between, when Canadians took hesitant steps toward celebrating what we had achieved, led to a renewed interest in the question of who we were and where we were going.”

For Canadians under the age of 50, or for immigrants who came to this country after Expo 67, this book will give them a wonderful history lesson on the importance of Canada’s centennial year. The book is filled with anecdotes, archival photographs and personal stories of how individuals from all across the country celebrated being Canadian.